To ‘innfinity’ and beyond: InnoWave is going global

InnoWave CEO, Tiago Gonçalves, talks success, growth, and innovation
Following InnoWave’s recent announcement re: the opening of both US and Netherlands based offices, I took the opportunity to catch up with our CEO, Tiago Gonçalves. We reflected on InnoWave’s growth plans, and the motivation that lies at the heart of everything we do.
Undeniably the InnoWave stood before you today is a far cry from that of 2008, when we were little more than a group of eight people with two very important things in common: unshakable ambition, and a shared vision – to change lives through innovation.
In the past nine years, not only have we increased the number of InnoWavers to over 200 worldwide, but also expanded and matured our product and service offerings – even gaining a CMMI Level 3 certification in recognition of this.  Our Belgian office has leapt from strength to strength and is currently fully autonomous with a great management team and equally great results. The UK office too has matured swiftly, rapidly doubling in size, and winning notable key clients.
‘What excites us? Products, innovation, and international growth.
What drives us? Helping people and changing the way we experience the world around us.’- Tiago
Gonçalves, InnoWave CEO
To this day, that vision remains the same, and as the years have passed, InnoWavers have become ever more determined to share our innovative solutions internationally. Whether it’s the expansion of business with clients, forming new partnerships, or increasing the headcount of our teams, the next twelve months for InnoWave will look a whole lot like growth: new products and new international offices.
InnoWave’s most recent expansion into the US and the Netherlands comes as a response to what Tiago has identified as ‘a market desire for innovation that can be achieved quickly and to a superb standard’ within the key industries we are focusing on: Telco, Financial Services, Insurance, eHealth, and Energy. Tiago highlights how our InnSpect test automation tool - and its ability to both shorten the time to market for new products, and improve test cycles – could be one such a solution to address market requirements. He also alludes to the innovative products that InnoWave are currently prioritising in IoT (smart-cities, smart-homes and smart-agro), as well as our new gamification solution.
As our conversation drew to a close, Tiago left me with a final thought - ‘we want to create a future filled with infinite opportunities and innovative technology to inspire individuals’. All in all, InnoWave – a company that may have started small – certainly dreams big, and is motivated by our mission to change lives internationally through innovation.


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