Thought Creator develop system to monitor assets being used by athletes during Rio 2016 Olympic games

Thought Creator develop system to monitor assets being used by athletes during Rio 2016 Olympic games

Thought Creator, the IoT focused arm of InnoWave Group, has developed a revolutionary location system in partnership with WND, the Latin American operator for SigFox Networks. This low cost IoT solution is presently being trialed over the course of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, and allows athletes to monitor their assets, offering location tracking, temperature levels and movement monitoring.

Lisbon, August 18, 2016 – Loka, the IoT solution brought to life by Thought Creator and WND, is capable of not only geographical localization, but also autonomous temperature monitoring and motion control, providing us with the opportunity for the monitoring athletes assets.

Overall, the system consists of a hardware device, and geographical location tool software, both of which were developed by Thought Creator. The location tracking component uses an algorithm, based on WiFi available networks, to determine the location, and Sigfox network to communicate, without relying on 3G/GPS. Additionally an alert button for emergencies is also found as part of the solution.

Notably Loka has the capability to be combined with cloud-based management systems, allowing for easier management and monitoring of millions of devices. A centralised backend also offers further management of each device’s firmware and respective configuration.

The aforementioned pilot-phase over the course of the Rio 2016 Olympic games will assist three participants specifically: French fencer Astrid Guyard, the notable tennis player Michael Jeremiasz, and Guy Ontanon, coach to celebrated sprinter Jimmy Vicaut. "Loka will track their assets, throughout the games, reporting their position through the use of surrounding WiFi and SigFox networks’ identifiers and the signal strength received" explains Thomas Nicholls, Director of Communications for Sigfox. "Comparing this information with a database, it is possible to send the geographical location of the tracker to a mobile application installed on the user's smartphone,” Nicholls elaborates.

Pedro Moscoso, CTO of Thought Creator, reports that "operationally the project is going well, and the results are quite encouraging.” However, he rightfully notes that “only after the end of the games will be possible to assess the impact of device usage on athlete’s performance during competition."



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