InnoWave set to showcase innovation at IBC

InnSpect has gone from strength to strength over the past 12 months, and will be hitting the RAI once again this year to showcase our latest innovations in test automation and benchmarking technology at IBC2017.

2017 has been a year filled with tremendous traction for InnSpect; not only have we introduced new features and taken on significant new international customers, we have also redesigned and developed existing aspects of InnSpect to directly respond to feedback we receive from our clients.

 ‘What differentiates InnSpect from systems we’ve used in the past is the ability to deploy new features on both hardware and software rapidly, based specifically on feedback we’ve given.’ – VP System Integration

Whilst we had a product that worked 12 months ago, InnoWave’s mission to change lives through innovation drove our desire to bring something new to the test automation market.  An offering that does more than just the essentials. In accordance with market insights, InnSpect has been revamped; we’ve tweaked our reports, adapted the UI, and most significantly addressed the ever-increasing market need for speed.

Five years ago, it would have taken years to launch a new Pay-TV service. Nowadays this can be done in a matter of months. What does this mean for operators? It means that the ability to deploy kit to sites quickly, and automate tests for multiple platforms rapidly is imperative. InnSpect offers a direct and carefully crafted solution for this; we can ramp up teams, train your staff in-house, and get kit to your site in an unrivalled timeframe. Our most recent deployment, for example, taking only three weeks.

It is because of this journey of growth that InnSpect has undergone that InnoWave is especially excited to be attending IBC this year. Sure, the September trip to Amsterdam has been a key feature in the InnoWave diary for the past five years. However IBC2017 is shaping up to be the most significant event of 2017 for our fantastic InnSpect team, with the largest InnoWave headcount in attendance than ever before.

Whether you’re a Product Manager interested in finding out more about how your offering compares to the competitions, launching a product that requires a test automation suite that can be deployed swiftly to meet impending deadlines, or just  curious to see how InnSpect is bringing innovation to IBC, swing by the stand!



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