InnoWave opening US and Netherlands based offices, and continues to focus on international expansion

InnoWave opening US and Netherlands based offices, and continues to focus on international expansion
The opening of US and Netherlands based offices is still ongoing this May, and follows the success of our offices in Lisbon, Brussels and London. The objective is to build an international technological organization based from Portugal.  
Lisbon, May 11, 2017 – This month will see InnoWave continue to place emphasis upon expanding into new international markets; already investing heavily in new industry areas, InnoWave has also reveal plans to open representative offices in both the United States and the Netherlands. Following the tremendous success of InnoWave’s existing offices in Portugal, Belgium and UK, the company is targeting the US and the Netherlands as a reflection of their international ambitions.
During a recent interview with "Os Dias do Futuro (Days of the Future)" by RTP and Antena 1, Tiago Gonçalves, CEO and one of the founding partners of InnoWave, described the driving force behind the company: «In early 2008 - supposedly at the worst possible time - we established our dream of creating a multinational company based from Portugal»
Gonçalves expands upon this, stating that «Portugal is an excellent market because it is small, it is good to experiment with and it is a great opportunity for those who export. » However, he does further note that for an IT company «to remain up to date and relevant, you should be active abroad; to have a base in Portugal, but to excel abroad».
This notion is reflected in InnoWave’s mission «to create innovation from Portugal, namely innovative services, products and solutions», explains Tiago Gonçalves. «We like to work with innovative companies, and the evolving departments within those organizations – this is something we value highly», he adds.
InnoWave develops and wins much of the business they compete for because of their proactive and solution driven approach. By collaborating and building business opportunities with innovation departments, InnoWave is able to provide a working solution even whilst the customer is waiting for a power point. This is something Tiago Gonçalves describes as one of InnoWave’s «great factors of differentiation».


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