InnoWave develops “Portugal Expert” for ZON TV

Now available for ZON IRIS TV customers, “Portugal Expert” (Saber Portugal) is an interactive Quiz game consisting of five topics - History, Sports, Gastronomy, Geography and Arts - testing the user’s knowledge of Portugal and of the Portuguese people, past and present. 

Lisbon, July 29, 2013 –InnoWave announces the development of the game “Portugal Expert” for ZON TV.
Available for ZON Iris TV customers, the application is based on a set of questions that tests for general knowledge on topics related to Portugal. The solution is built in HTML/JS allowing for high interactivity and rapid implementation, and requiring only a minimal amount of data transmission (for statistical purposes).
According to Nuno Sanches, Product Development Director at ZON, “InnoWave has already developed several applications for ZON and has a broad knowledge of Iris technologies and its infrastructure. Their expertise in developing Interactive Applications is widely recognized in the market, allowing us to rely on solutions that stand out from the crowd. The company is an efficient innovator and uses implementation techniques and processes that inspire confidence in the end result.”

With a duration of approximately two months, the implementation involved InnoWave implementation and design consultants working together with ZON subject matter experts. This co-operative approach ensured that the end product had correct visual appeal and the right balance of simplicity and new features (avatars) compared to the previous version developed for LG Smart TV. InnoWave was responsible for the end-to-end development process, from inception to completion, including project management.
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The ZON Multimedia business group is listed on the main Portuguese stock market index, the PSI-20. It leads the market in pay TV in Portugal and is the second largest internet provider. Nationally, it is also leader of the cinema market. For more information, please visit


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