GrInnWave project made Christmas a little better

InnoWave helped AMI – Assistência Médica Internacional – to provide a happier Christmas to the disadvantaged. GrInnWave, a social responsibility project created by InnoWave in 2009, helped to collect more than 100 Christmas gifts and deliver them to poor children and elderly identified by AMI.
InnoWave tried to create an environment as closer to a family feast as possible, as the company helped organizing Comunidade Vida e Paz – a NGO which helps the homeless and disadvantaged - Christmas Feast.
InnoWave also helps, continuously, Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome food collecting campaigns, by collecting food and providing logistic support. Between 28 and 31 May 2015, GrInnWave volunteers helped to collect more than 2.000 food supplies for Banco Alimentar.
GrInnWave volunteers aim to develop initiatives to protect the environment, organizing and participating in solidarity events and encourage volunteering to support social causes.
«We support humanitarian, social and environmental projects, among others», says Tiago Gomes, GrInnWave’s Team Leader. «We help with internal diffusion, volunteers, campaigns, goods collecting, donations and other relevant ways», he added.
Constituted by InnoWavers, GrInnWave has taken on several major projects, as clothes’ triage for Comunidade Vida e Paz and integrating Street Teams that work on the field. In 2015, InnoWavers also “ran” for several solidary causes, as 12ª Corrida Solidariedade ISCPSI/APAV and Corrida Sempre Mulher running events.
Besides those initiatives, InnoWave also allocates 1% of all project revenues to social responsibility actions. «This investment’s main return is to put forward those initiatives and the happiness in contributing for major causes», Tiago Gomes sustained.
But, there are other earnings, he added: «to take part in GrInnWave’s initiatives boosts InnoWavers entrepreneur spirit, innovation and solidarity. To participate, they only need to wish to give something of themselves and to positively contribute to society». 


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